02 June 2012

Packed Up and Ready to Roll

Amazing weather today. If tomorrow is anything like this, I will not have anything to complain about. Well, at least as far as the conditions are concerned.

We took a mid-morning trip down to the beachfront, parked near Joe Cools and walked along to Circus Circus. There was a bit of a queue, but since there were only two of us we managed to jump over a bunch of larger parties and were seated pretty quickly. Coffee and a bit of breakfast. Then headed home where I have made a batch of fresh pasta for this evening and assembled my kit.

Claire will be meeting me at four points on the route: Lion Park, Cato Ridge, Inchanga and Westville. At each of these she will be handing me a bottle of Energade with a Hammer gel and Rehidrat sachet attached. She will also have hotdogs (with enormous lashings of tomato sauce). And, for the final stop in Westville, there will also be a couple of home made peanut clusters. These are a serious incentive to get me through the tough times.

Claire will be easy to spot: her usual colourful Alice band and a white t-shirt with a custom print on the back.

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