19 June 2012

Hungarian Soup

Hungarians are serious about soup. I might be so bold as to say that they are mildy obsessed. But, as it turns out, with good reason. My friends and colleagues, Janos and Peter, firmly believe that a meal is incomplete unless it includes soup. Today I walked across from our building to a cafeteria. This place has an obscene array of soups and they are cheap. Possibly the most impressive thing is that, in addition to the conventional bowls of soup on display (of which there was a bewildering variety), there were also bowls with floaters: boiled eggs, meat balls, sausages and schnitzel. I went for a bowl of thick potato soup with an enormous spicy meat ball plonked in the middle. It was delicious. And when I put my spoon down, I was stuffed. Now, if I had been Hungarian, that would have just been starters. I think I will have to go into training if I am going to fit into this soup culture.

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