01 June 2012

Comrades Times

The up run:

Year km Cowies Hill Halfway Cato Ridge Polly Shortts Finish
2006 87.5 1:47:24 4:46:22 6:30:52 7:40:26 8:58:22 9:49:51
2008 87.0 1:40:57 4:20:06 6:12:40 7:16:05 10:14:27 11:20:20
2011 87.0 1:54:21 4:44:41 6:45:37 8:53:50 9:37:54

The location of the third last timing mat varies: in 2006 it was Umlaas Road, while in 2008 and 2011 it was Camperdown. 2008 was the year that everything went horrendously wrong: I got completely dehydrated, cramped up on Little Polly Shortts when the person in front of me suddenly stopped. I fell over like a sweaty log and crawled to the side of the road, my leg muscles writhing with a life of their own. I lay there in the shade for ages, gathering my thoughts and eventually decided that I could not go on. I asked a lady in a chair nearby to hail a bailers' bus when it came by. And then for ages nothing happened (except for the inexorable stream of runners coming by). I was just dozing off when I heard a voice from above: "Hey, what are you doing?" It was an old comrades veteran (now a veteran spectator). He told me that there was no way that I was going to give up my medal having come this far. He scuttled off and returned with an armload of water sachets which he then proceeded to force feed to me. After the sixth or seventh of these I started to feel a little better. Before I knew it, this old guy was hoisting me to my feet and I was back on my way again. So I owe medal #2 to an old guy on the side of the road.

The down run:

Year km Camperdown Halfway Winston Park Cowies Hill Mayville Finish
2009 89.2 2:32:59 4:16:05 5:33:49 6:44:16 7:55:07 8:41:22
2010 89.0 2:49:37 4:41:58 6:12:11 7:28:42 8:45:07 9:40:02
2012 89.0 9:45:23

My average speed for the 2009 race was 5:51 per km. My goal for 2012 is 09:00:00, so I can afford to run a little slower: I will need to average 06:00 per km.

Okay, so the 2012 race did not go quite the way I planned. My mind was not in it from the beginning and I abandoned the 09:00:00 objective sometime during the first half.

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