06 April 2012

Two Oceans 2012: Pills for Everything

Tomorrow is the Two Oceans. Staying on UCT middle campus we have heard all of the action up there today for the trail run, fun run and kiddie races.

People have been muttering about the weather. This morning, while filling up the car, the pump attendant was very happy to tell me that it was going to rain tomorrow. But he also pointed out that Zola Budd was going to be running. I am not sure how those two facts are related.

The weather now is looking pretty dodgy: it is overcast and windy. But there are patches of blue sky. I don't know enough about the weather in the Cape to make a prediction,  but right now I reckon that there are even odds of kak weather. Having a look at the Meteosat image below shows that there is definitely a cold front on the way and what we are experiencing now is just the leading edge...

56 km is a long way under good conditions. In the wind and rain it is going to be a whole lot more challenging.

On a more personal level I have three major concerns leading up to the race:
  1. getting a good night's sleep;
  2. not getting a sore throat or any other type of URTI; and
  3. having a good crap before the start.
Luckily all of these can be addressed by a combination of nutrition and drugs:
  1. melatonin, Kyprodol and red wine (the proportion of the individual ingredients is a trade secret);
  2. ViralChoice and garlic (the latter not only serves to keep me healthy but also ensures that I don't get mobbed at the start); and
  3. Senokot (which I have been taking since the beginning of the week; it's kind of tricky knowing when to take the last dose, but I took a couple this morning).

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  1. Go baby GOOOOO!!! I love you my wonderful super athlete <3