26 January 2011

Lavvo Camping Trip (in the snow)

Last Friday we took a trip up to the snowy heights where people go skiing for a bit of a camping trip. Camped out overnight in a lavvu tent. Getting to the camping site was a bit of a mission. I have been cross country skiing before, on more or less level ground in Antarctica. This involved some hectic down hill and with a heavy pack on my back. Some of the time I was not a great picture of elegance. Here is the route we took to get to the camp site. Needless to say, this image is for summer... there was a whole lot of snow around and that lake was completely frozen.

Interesting Articles

Two interesting articles in the February 2011 issue of Go Trail magazine:
  • "Keeping Your Cool" by Linda Doke
  • "19 Tips for your first multi-stage event" by Paul Liebenberg.

15 January 2011


Listed in the Natal Mercury.