12 December 2011


Being a great fan of the bunny, I have been meaning to give Goundens a try since it is supposed to be the best spot in Durban. I set out to meet Charles there early on Friday evening. It is not in the best part of town (39 Eaton Road, Umbilo, Durban), but we felt pretty safe leaving our cars outside.

I am a big fan of a vegetable bunny. My first option was thus a 1/4 mixed vegetable. No good, all finished. Okay, well, guess it will be the beans with mutton gravy then. Also finished. Hmmmm. This is what happens when you arrive late on a Friday afternoon. In the end we both settled on a 1/4 beef bunny.

After a short wait in the interesting little restaurant (stretching the point a bit to give it that label), the bunnies arrived. They looked like they do all over the city: large chunk of white bread oozing gravy. But the difference became apparent when we attacked the poor defenseless things: they were damn delicious. The meat very tender and the spices just right.

On leaving we decided that this could easily be a regular Friday afternoon activity.

For other good spots to kill a bunny, check out http://quarterbunny.co.za/.

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