16 September 2011

Crackpot Friday

I have to confess: I do a lot of reading on the toilet. This morning I dug a little bit deeper into my pile of literature and found something that looked really interesting:

Predicting the stock market. Hell yeah, been trying to do that for a couple of years. Maybe this guy knows the secret? But, hold on, what's this? His prediction technique has something to do with "planetary cycles". Hmmm. That's a little bit troubling. I do know that the solar cycle really does have an influence on the price of wheat, but the planets... surely not?

In the Foreword things immediately start to go wrong:
It is not the intention to promote stockmarket activity, but rather to show and to prove the correspondence between planetary operations and market responses.
So he is back pedalling immediately. Apparently the book is not about predicting the stock market after all... But then it all becomes clear:
Those who are already conversant with astrological principles...
Oh, it's astrology is it? Well then, since I was born on 16 June then surely GKX is right for me. No need to read any more: BUY, BUY, BUY!

PS. You can actually buy this drivel online for the princely sum of around $56.
PPS. But I might just be able to give you my pdf copy. Whoops, no, looks like I deleted it.

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