12 July 2011

Space Physics Overview

Today was my turn to lecture at the Antarctic Science Winter School. Now everyone else has been presenting flashy PowerPoint talks. I thought I would do something a little different. So I started off by seeing if I could sumarise a whole lot of the interesting material on just a single A4 page. This is what I came up with:

It doesn't cover everything, but it does cover a lot. The next challenge was how to present all of this material, filling in all of the facts that were not on the above outline... in just 45 minutes. And without using a computer or projector. This is where things got challenging. From the Sun to the Solar Wind to the Magnetosphere is a pretty simple linear progression, so that went well. But once you get inside the Magnetosphere there is no clear ordering. What to talk about first? And so many of the topics are deeply interlinked. So I stumbled along, just trying to inject as many interesting facts as possible. I think that it went okay. At least the students all stayed awake. And considering that only 2 of the 15 students were actually physicists (the rest were biologists or geomorphs), that was no small thing!


  1. .. I would like this lecture as well please

    1. Well that was just the outline so I could remember everything that I wanted to say. Then I went completely Old School and just started drawing on the white board and waving my hands around vigorously. There was no other lecture material. Maybe I will try this again sometime. It was fun. For me at least.