07 June 2011

Installing Moodle on Ubuntu

The installation of most software on Ubuntu is pretty straightforward. For some reason I had a pretty hard time with Moodle. With the help of Brett we figured it out. Here are some notes.
  1. Install apache2 (version 2.2.17)
  2. Install php5 (version 5.3.5)
  3. Install mysql-server (version 5.1.54)
  4. Install moodle (version 1.9.9)
Unless you have a compelling reason to do otherwise, select the default URL for the moodle site. Also take the easy way out and configure the database using dbconfig-common during the installation process. The moodle site will probably have been installed under /usr/share/moodle, so you will want to link this into the directory for the web server:

# cd /var/www/ # ln -s /usr/share/moodle

Now visit http://localhost/moodle/ with your browser. Follow the instructions...

1 comment:

  1. mmm, the newer version of ubuntu probably helped smooth over the rough edges.