09 May 2011

Traits of a Real Man

Top 10 Traits Of A Real Man makes for interesting reading. Not sure that I agree with all of it, but some of it certainly resonates. It starts with "There's only one way to be a man, and that's the Mr. Mafioso way" and proceeds to list the following ten vital traits:

  1. A real man is strong.
  2. A real man is focused.
  3. A real man knows the importance of family.
  4. A real man doesn't gossip.
  5. A real man's word is his bond.
  6. A real man strives to be a role model.
  7. A real man makes his own fortune.
  8. A real man doesn't look like a woman.
  9. A real man keeps his house in order.
  10. A real man can defend himself.
So, it looks like a real man is stoic, driven, honest, independent and a leader. The strong and silent type. He can also kick the shit out of all comers. Oh, and he is also neat. But not in a girly way.

Although I concur with some of these items (to some degree), it seems to me that authenticity is probably of equal importance to any or all of the above.

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