17 May 2011

Teasing versus Pushing Buttons

The Maxim 2011 Sex Survey includes the following two questions:

What is the biggest turn-on when meeting a man?
  • Gentlemanly behavior, like opening doors (27.8%)
  • Lots of eye contact (18.9%)
  • He asks a lot of questions about me (11.9%)
  • Playful teasing (37.2%)
  • Physical contact (4.2%)
What's the best indication that you're into a guy you've just met?
  • I touch his arm or leg during conversation (22.4%)
  • I don't pull away if he touches me (21.3%)
  • I play with my hair (4.8%)
  • I laugh at everything he says (11.5%)
  • I tease him good-naturedly (38.8%)
  • I grab his penis (1.2%)
So clearly teasing is at the, um, forefront of foreplay. And this makes total sense: back in playschool, if you liked little Jenny you would pull her pig tails relentlessly and call her silly names. Certainly, it forms the backbone of David DeAngelo's "cocky and funny" strategy. But my question is this: how does "teasing" when you are single morph into "pushing my buttons" when you are in a relationship? Too much (inside) information (read ammunition)? Repetition? Or is this just no longer a game?

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