28 May 2011

The Day Before Comrades

The weather has improved. It is sunny outside right now but with a rather blistering little breeze. Will have to wrap up warmly for the start. Otherwise I am feeling pretty good: the aches and pains that I had a couple of days ago seem to have disappeared and, apart from a bit of a sniffle (which I am prepared to assume is psychosomatic), I am 100% good.

This is what my last week looked like:

SundayChelsea Bun Run
Tuesday10 km (am)
Wednesday4 km (pm); 2 Senokot (pm)
Thursday---; 2 Senokot (pm)
Friday---; register; cut nails; shave nipples; 2 Senokot (pm)
Saturday---; assemble kit
SundayComrades Marathon 2011

This morning I pinned my numbers on my vest and sorted out all of my kit. I think that I have everything.

Kit list:
  • shoes and socks (going with nice think trail socks this year)
  • spare socks
  • vest, shorts and compression shorts
  • Two Oceans t-shirt for the start (didn't run the race, so this is a throw away)
  • "black bag" for the start
  • belt pouch
  • lip ice
  • nipple plasters
  • toilet paper in bank bag
  • mini pharmacy (Imodium, salt tablets and Myprodol)
  • sun glasses
  • GPS watch
  • 3 bottles Energade naartjie
  • 5 Hammer gels (chocolate and espresso)
  • 4 sachets HYDRAssist
  • Championchip tag
Claire will be providing me with hotdogs at various points along the route. She did this last year too and it was a hit: the All Golds tomatoe sauce completely made them.


  1. Well done on your race Andrew. How did the HYDRAssist work for you?
    Darryl - The Wellbeing Company

  2. HYDRAssist worked like a charm. Think I finally managed to get my hydration just right. I was pissing like a race horse about once an hour.

  3. Glad to hear that - a sure sign that the electrolytes kept the fluid balance funtioning optimally. Best regards, Darryl