23 April 2011

Two Oceans Insomnia

Last night I had a very kak sleep. It may have been the inhuman quantity of garlic and chillie I had on my pizza. It may have been the ill advised quantity of sangria I had with that pizza. But I think that the culprit was really the fact that my mind was mulling over just what I was going to do this morning. My leg seems to have improved and the couple of runs I did this week were relatively pain free. But I did not want to get to the 28 km mark (or worse, the 42 km or 50 km mark) and find that a little niggle has turned into unrelenting pain. Not to mention that my total mileage over the last three weeks has not been more than about 20 km. So although my heart wanted to run the Ultra this morning, my mind was counseling something a little more conservative. Obviously sometime around 03:00 I had made a decision. And you would think that this would let me get some decent rest, but by that stage I was 100% awake, so I got up and quietly started the day.

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