22 April 2011

Day Before the Two Oceans

We went along to the Good Hope Centre yesterday afternoon to register for the Two Oceans. It was rather quiet and not a very painful experience: in and out in about half an hour (and that includes some time browsing the exhibits). Went to get our "free sample" of GU Brew, only to find that instead of being a cylinder of tablets (as indicated in the brochure) it was just a single tablet in a tiny sacher. These people are tight! Certainly not giving me the warm and snuggly feeling that will make me go out and buy a box!

This morning we went for a bit of a stroll on Noordhoek beach, along to the Kakapo wreck, where I took some photographs. Then across to Kalk Bay for Breakfast at the Olympia Cafe. Claire had a spinach and feta baked croissant and I had a grilled croissant topped with cheese and ham. Bloody delicious and left me feeling like I would not need any lunch.

Now, just about an hour later I am seriously thinking about a little snack. We are settling down for a restful afternoon of movies and a nap.

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