17 April 2011

Cautiously Optimistic

Well, today is the first that I have had absolutely no pain in my left tibialis anterior. Even after a pretty vigorous walk on hard beach sand (and a bit of soft dune sand) this evening, it is still perfectly fine. So, tomorrow morning I think I was take it out for a gentle pre-sunrise run up to Rhodes Memorial. Just to see if it really is fixed. This may seem to be a rather extreme trial run, but I need to make some decisions about my game plan for Saturday. Either I will be able to get in four little runs this week, in which case I will probably have the confidence to attack the full Two Oceans Ultra. Or I will limp through a few small jogs and settle for the Two Oceans Half. Or I will find that I am still broken and I will have to resign myself to sitting on the pavement somewhere with my camera. None of these are terribly bad options, but they are sorted in decreasing order of preference. I would really like to be able to genuinely wear my Two Oceans t-shirt with pride this year and not use it as a throw-away warm up shirt on 29 May.

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