17 February 2011

Tights and My Ass

Just got back from a whistle-stop trip to Hungary: in, two day meeting, out again. On the way from Hermanus to Cape Town airport I realised that I had left my running shorts in the drier. So at Johannesburg airport I did a bit of shopping. The only place that had anything suitable was the Nike shop. Other shops, which ostensibly sold sporting gear, did not keep running shorts. Weird! Anyway, the Nike shop had quite a choice: normal running shorts with built in leggings inside, longer running shorts and running tights. Both the sets of shorts were just a little bit too long for my comfort, so I decided on the tights. The price difference between all three options was marginal: they were all absurdly expensive! At the till I told the girl that I had chosen the tights because they made my ass look great. Which was just a joke at the time but, after putting them on again in Budapest i realised it was entirely true: they make my ass look bloody fantastic! And that is pretty much what we all strive for, right?

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