22 February 2011

Peninsula Marathon

Although I have a whole succession of marathons ahead of me next month, none of them are of the "official" variety that I can use as a qualifier for the Two Oceans or Comrades. And I am rather horrified to note that I have not run further than 20 km since Comrades 2010... which does not bode well. Anyway, with all this in mind I went out for the Peninsula Marathon on Sunday. It was a lovely morning and I got to the start feeling well fueled from the pasta binge that Troy and I went out on the night before. Well fueled and smelling ever so slightly like garlic. I did not have any trouble finding space in the starting pack. In fact people seemed very happy to accommodate me. It was a great morning for running but with a rather brisk wind from the South East. I set out with the plan of running under 03:40. Up to half way I was pretty much on track and I knew that I needed to just maintain something a little faster that 05:15 per km to reach that goal. But then the wind really started to bite when we got out onto the coastal road along False Bay. That and my knees started to get really sore. And i gradually saw my target slipping away... But I gritted my teeth and held out for the end, finishing in 03:45:21, which is still pretty respectable, placing 378/1866. Now just to enter that time for my qualifier and I am all set for the ultras later in the year.

 I am sure that somebody from Durban would pay me top dollar for this race number.

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  1. he he...oh yes they sure would...and put it onto their license plate!