01 February 2011

Notes on Norway

Well, I am sitting in the Voyager lounge in Johannesburg airport, feeling rather in need of a shower. The coffee is helping me feel a little more human. As is the prospect of being home very, very soon.

The Norwegian Odyssey was brilliant. An unforgettable experience for so many reasons:
  • got into a new research field;
  • took an amazing ride on a very luxurious ferry;
  • crossed the Arctic Circle;
  • finally saw the Aurora;
  • camped out overnight in the snow;
and, finally, but most importantl,
  • got engaged to Claire.
So here are just a few notes for next time. Lonely Planet has an extensive list of places in Norway with information on each of them as well as information on transport. For information specific to Bergen, you can look at the Bergen Forum.

We took the train (well, three trains) from Bodø to Bergen, which was a great experience. The tiny sleeping compartment from Trondheim to Oslo was very novel. And so exciting that I barely slept... Train bookings can be done through the Norwegian State Railways and if you book some time in advance you can get a "minipris" ticket, which is just that: a whole lot cheaper. The ferry we took from Bergen to Bodø was run by the Hurtigruten line. Booking on their site is pretty straightforward... but I needed a bit of help to get it quite right. You need to first select "Book Online" (kind of obvious) and then choose the "Port-to-Port" option.

Well, that's it. Now back to "real" life.

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  1. It was the most amazing holiday of my life. And I love being engaged to you darling...I am so lucky to be able to say that I was proposed to in Norway. I love you so much xx