08 February 2011

Engagement Party Speech

Dad's speech from our engagement party on Saturday night:
Friends – may I have your attention for a moment!

We can’t let this occasion pass without saying a few words about our host and hostess tonight.

I know that I speak for all of us in saying how thrilled we are that Claire and Andrew have announced their engagement.

Chris and I are really overjoyed to welcome Claire into the Collier family and it has been wonderful for us to at last meet Veronica, Malcolm and Lynton, about whom we have heard so much.

Obviously we have known Andrew a tad longer than we have Claire, but we have been struck by how fantastically they complement each other  -  Claire, like the cascading mountain stream, bubbling and chattering away with enthusiasm and Andrew, the still, strong water running deeply and with resolute purpose!!

Now that these two streams are reaching  a confluence, we await (somewhat impatiently) for confirmation of when their next step will release the full flow of love in this union.

Unfortunately a few of our family are unable to be with us tonight;
Sandy and Claire and Gavin in the UK, Paula and Matthew on their new farm between Ladysmith and Newcastle, and Greg doing his paternal thing so that Kate could be here.

We know, Andrew and Claire, that these “absentees” would join all of us in congratulating you and wishing you both everything that is good in the future.

We thank you for your hospitality this evening.

Now I ask you all to raise your glasses in a toast to Claire and Andrew.

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