05 December 2010

Orienteering Championship

Attended the UiB Orienteering Club Championship this afternoon in Sanviken. Got a little bit lost on the way there, which did not bode well for my performance. By the time I arrived, everyone else had already started. Stripped off all the wintery kit and started out with timing chip, compass and map in hand. The compass turned out to be totally unnecessary because the map was pretty good. Although I did have some trouble with gauging the scale. But I am telling myself that this is what happens when you try to run and read a map at the same time! The route consisted of 10 waypoints which had to be done in sequence.

My times:

  • WP 1: 02:54
  • WP 2: no time (timing post removed)
  • WP 3: 16:03
  • WP 4: 17:45
  • WP 5: 21:12
  • WP 6: 23:15
  • WP 7: 25:47
  • WP 8: 30:54
  • WP 9: 33:52
  • WP 10: 35:56
  • finish: 38:03
Very cool afternoon!

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