14 November 2010

Over the 'flu and Up the mountain

I think I have finally kicked the 'flu. No longer coughing up chunky bits and chest is not aching any more. That is not to say that I am not still having trouble breathing on runs, but I put that down to the air temperature. Well, that is what I am telling myself anyway. This morning I ran across town and then made my way gradually up Fløyen. Once you get up through the housing at the base of the mountain, you are onto gravel tracks that zig-zag back and forth up the side. The paths are strewn with red and yellow autumn leaves right now, which makes them really spectacular. That is if you can focus to appreciate the surroundings! I think that I got to an altitude of around 320 metres in just under 28 minutes, which considering that I started from the other side of town, is not too bad. For comparison, the funicular gets up there in only 8 minutes... But then it starts half way up!

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