02 November 2010

And then to Norway

Arrived in Bergen, Norway, yesterday after a fairly epic trip. Weather on arrival was anomalously good, but I was informed by a number of folk that it would not last. And, indeed, they were correct: this morning is overcast and drizzly. Still battling off the tail end of a nasty bout of 'flu, but having been a lazy ass for over a week, I thought it was high time to get out and do something. So I went out for a rather brief trot around my immediate neighbourhood, taking care not to slip on the leaf-strewn sidewalks. Can definitely feel the results of my sloth and the great big clump of residual phlegm that I am still toting around. Even at 08:30 it is still pretty dim, so it felt a lot earlier than it actually was. Tomorrow I will get out for a trot when things are a little more quiet: I only woke up at around 07:00 this morning, which is grossly out of character!

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