12 July 2010

Budapest... Finally!

Just arrived at the Peregrinus Hotel in Budapest. It is lovely coming back to Hungary, being picked up by Janos at the airport and being greeted by Andrea at the guesthouse. Especially after such an epic trip. I left Durban at around 15:00 yesterday afternoon, flying to Johannesburg. I waited until around 21:00 for my flight to Munich. Got onto that plane and, shortly after takeoff found that my little TV wasn't working. Not good because it totally messes with my routine of getting liquored while watching a movie and then dozing off. Plus I was sitting next to an American guy (now living in Cologne) who said that he had been out in South Africa to choreograph some of the dancing for the Soccer World Cup. Don't know whether I quite believed him, but he looked the part. But then, after he saw me editing a lightning paper, he started on his own private conspiracy theory about "them" flying back and forth across Europe seeding clouds in a grid... at which point I started to panic because the last thing I want to do when I get on a plane is to be engaged in conversation. Fortunately though he got into a movie and I engulfed a bottle of wine and a couple of miniature whiskeys before falling asleep. And having a very uncomfortable night because I just got could get comfortable and my bum went to sleep.

Arrived in Munich and, full of optimism, tried to change my itinerary. Was informed that for the paltry sum of around 900 euros they could indeed send me direct to Budapest... at which point I realised that I was in for a very long day since there was no way I could justify that! So I waited around at Munich airport before taking the short flight across to Berlin. Then a much, much longer wait there for my flight back to Munich. And another short wait for the final leg to Budapest.

I have totally earned the couple of glasses of wine which I am about to consume while washing down my cheese and salami sandwiches. And then I am going to sleep like the deceased.