25 May 2010


So, only five days to go to Comrades 2010... deep in the middle of my taper. Last night when i got into bed I had a bad case of the sniffles. Maybe I was coming down with something or maybe it was the dust from the duvet which I finally had to drag out and dump on the bed (winter seems to be finally arriving, but without too much enthusiasm). This morning when I got up at 04:00 I was feeling a little bit under the weather. Not sick. But not particularly well. And not at all enthusiastic about running. So I managed to persuade myself that it would be better to run in the warmth of midday than to go out into the cold and dark. So I stayed at home and worked a bit instead.

I got back into bed at around 06:00 and snuggled up to Claire. I had had too much coffee by that stage to realistically think about going back to sleep, so I lay there and tried to do some race visualisation. Went through the whole thing in my head. Amazing how you can memorise an entire route. The only bit I am a bit sketchy about is the first bit through Maritzburg, otherwise I can see the whole route. The thing that worries me is that the whole thing fills me more with dread than excitement right now. I kept on worrying about how tired and sore I would be feeling by the time that I got to Kloof. I need to work on setting up some positive thought patterns there.

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