25 April 2010

Up to Hillcrest

Took a run from Musgrave up to Hillcrest. Got a reasonably early start, so things were quiet going through 45th cutting and Westville. The long slow climb was a bit of a grind and I had a narrow encounter with a taxi driver who obviously was not too keen on (white) runners and came bloody close to me as he pulled over to the side of the road. Going up the back of Cowie's Hill was not too bad and I enjoyed the descent into Pinetown. Quite a few other runners on the route, most of them going in the opposite direction. I had planned on getting a Coke in Pinetown but did not pass any garages with shops attached, so just pressed on through. Fields Hill was a long hard grind and I was very glad to get to the top and come to a stop at the garage where I invested in a 500 ml Coke which went down a treat. Put the last third of that into my backpack and continued up through Kloof and onto the freeway. Stopped for another short stroll at the Dandy Dude car wash to finish off the Coke and send a SMS to Claire to say that I was getting close. Crossed over the freeway and made my way through Hillcrest. Went through to the base of Botha's Hill before turning right and climbing back up to Claire's Mom's place. A very good start to a Sunday although I was finished for the last few kilometres.

And, to the bastard who clipped my elbow with the wing mirror of his great big hulking SUV as I ran through Pinetown and failed to stop: I hope that somebody hits either you or somebody you love really hard and really soon.

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