03 April 2010

Bloody, Bloody (#&@%ing) Miserable

Yesterday was supposed to be a day of resting and carbo-loading. When I woke up though I had a bit of a sore throat. It was early so I did a bit of work and waited for the shops to open (and also for the lovely Claire to wake up). Then at 09:00 (it was a public holiday, so I was just lucky that they were opening at all) I drove down to Rondebosch and spoke to the chemist. He said that it was "probably just a 24 hour virus" and that since it was not below my neck and my pulse rate was not elevated, there should not be a problem. He gave me some Andolex spray and suggested that I take on lots of vitamin C. Got some other provisions and headed home. Claire was up and about when me, pottering around in the kitchen. I whipped up the ultimate "get-well-in-a-hurry" breakfast: two slices of toast with blue cheese, one chopped green chillie and a whole flower of garlic (lightly fried). Chased that down with a cup of ginger tea and retired to bed... from which we did not emerge until very late in the day. During the course of the day the throat did not get any worse. But it also did not get any better.

At 18:00 we were scheduled to meet up with Troy, Fiona, Brad and Robyn for dinner at Posticino. Had a few glasses of wine and a delicious bowl of gnocci with chicken livers on top. And about two table spoons of fresh ground garlic and a good load of fresh chillie. I thought that all of these medicinal compounds would definitely sort me out. Were in bed at about 21:00.

I slept quite well but sometime in the early morning I woke up and my throat was on fire. It had definitely got a whole lot worse and immediately I knew that the race was just not going to happen for me this year. It is bloody frustrating that this has happened at the last minute after all that preparation. But I suppose that it is better that it happened now than before Comrades. Sent SMS to both Troy and Brad to tell them that I would not be racing. Then went back to bed. We heard all the folk arriving and parking their cars around the neighbourhood. The sound of the early morning runners' chats and the music. It was pretty bloody miserable lying in bed hearing everyone heading off down the road to the start.

We got up in time to head up to the finish to see Troy and Mat come in. They did around 01:50 for the 21.1 km, which is a very respectable effort.


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