01 March 2010

Durban Dissatisfaction

Back home in Durban. I have had a string of great showers and I think that most of the Namib dust has now been scrubbed and flushed from the various grimey nooks and crevices. I shaved off the race beard last night and am looking almost respectable. The race is rapidly becoming a distant memory. Taking on a fantasy perspective, like it never really happened.

Flying back to the Cape this morning. Maybe I am just in a crabby mood, but a few things have already pissed me off this morning. Like the fact that my ticket was "checked" by not one but two officious black gentlemen before I got to the metal detector. Is it really necessary to have this kind of sheltered employment? If you are going to give people a job, surely you can find something useful for them to do? Like cleaning the grotty toilets? Or is that just below their diginity? Or in conflict with their basic human rights? And then there are those shoe shine scum, who accost you immediately you enter the departure hall. Thank God I wear slops, so they leave me alone. Otherwise I think that this morning I might have said something that would not be considered in any way politically correct.

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