29 March 2010

Dress Rehearsal

Yesterday I got Claire out of bed early (on her first Sunday in Cape Town) so that she could chauffeur Troy, Matt and me out to do a run. We started at the bottom of Southern Cross Drive and then followed the half marathon route. I do not know what the big fuss with that hill is... it's a doddle compared to either Chapman's Peak or Constantia Nek! It was good to see what the other half are doing while we are just getting into the ultra. Arrived home to find that Claire had made us a fantastic cooked breakfast. Think that gave Troy and Matt something to think about. Spent the rest of the day trying to reward Claire for her excellent efforts.

This morning got up super early because I needed to prepare a lecture and I wanted to go for a run. Trotted up to Rhodes Memorial just before sunrise. It was absolutely spectacular with the mountains across the flats cut out of the orange glow of the early morning sky.

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