25 February 2010

Day 5: Big Daddy and the Finish

Long flat run. Ran along with Sam and Isabella. After a while I think our pace became a little too pedestrian for Isabella and she took off. Then into the dunes. Checkpoint 1 at bottom of far side of first dune. Shoes took on remarkably little sand.

Across a wide, barren pan with occasional dead tree stumps.

Rounding the corner, daunted by the sheer enormity of Big Daddy, reputed to be the largest sand dune in the world. And we were going all the way to the top!

Lung and leg busting ascent. I ejected most of my remaining pulmonary alveoli onto the back of Sam's legs. Then loped down into Dead Pan, the loose dune sand squelching metallically beneath our feet.

Checkpoint 2 had no water. But picked some up from crew on top of first rise. Short walk across the deep sand and then trotted into the finish. Mimi, Isabella, Kevin and Knill already in and looking quite rested. Must have been the beer, because within minutes I was feeling that way too. Thanks, Sam, another great run.

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