01 February 2010

Weekend's Running

Quite a big weekend for running. Saturday started off with the run from the Hypermarket to uShaka and back. I had arranged to meet Brad at Broadway and trot down to the start at the Hypermarket. But I was a little late, so I missed him. When i came within view of the start I could see the bunch slowly disappearing over the horizon, so I spent the next 20 minutes playing catchup. The beachfront run has improved a lot since before Christmas, but it is still a nightmare of building sand and detours. Stopped for a Coke on the way back and then sloped off just before Natal Command to attack the hill up onto the Berea. Springfield was just too daunting, so I detoured along Florida, but you can't avoid the hill forever, and it got me in the end. Got to Claire's place pretty buggered.

After a bit of a lie around and some awesome banana crumpets headed out to try and sort out some shopping for the race. Managed to get hold of the requisites for the home made gaiters, but just missed the glass shop by minutes, so I still don't have the required signal mirror. Rounded the day off with spinach and feta cannelloni and a glass of red wine.

Brad was undecided about his running activity for Sunday, but I had already decided to do the Regents 32 km route. Took us from Durban North over onto the Berea, up through Burman Bush and onto the Ridge, then all the way along the top of the Berea to the University before heading home. There was a really big bunch and most of them went all the way. Lots of stops for drinks along the way. Also got to explain why I am running with a pack on no less than ten times. It is getting a little embarrassing. Okay, a very embarrassing, because every time that I explain to somebody new I can feel the folk around me who have heard the story before going "Oh God, here he goes again...".

Brian Goodbrand donated a tube of Bottom Butter, which is said to be the ultimate solution to all chaffing problems.

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