04 February 2010

Shopping and Sponsorship

Yesterday afternoon skived off a bit and did some of the shopping. Got myself a decent compass and signal mirror. Then went to the SportsZone to buy a pair of LineBreak compression tights and two new pairs of trail socks. Went out a little later in the afternoon to try out the tights. No miracles, but they do feel pretty good. Joined Claire and the folks for sushi and a couple of bottles of wine. More wine than I have drunk in a while so...

... when I woke up this morning to go running I was not feeling too well. It was a test of character just to get out of bed. And the throbbing in my head every time my foot hit the ground was horrendous. It only lasted for the first 4 km or so, but it was a gruelling few km's.

Got to work to find an email from Pushie Pillay at the Pick 'n Pay Hypermarket in my inbox: they are going to sponsor some of my provisions for the race. Great!

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