16 February 2010

Run Along the Contour Path

Had a very long and frustrating day at work and was still deeply bogged down in a problem when running time came around. Decided to run along the contour path on the front of Table Mountain, starting at Kloof Corner.

Getting from the road up onto the contour path is damn hard work. Although the path zigs and zags, it is steep uphill all the way. There is a trig beacon at the top, from where you get a great view over the city and also down onto the beaches of the west coast.

 And once you are actually on the contour path it is none too easy either since it is rather technical, with lots of ups and downs, and a rather steep drop on one side at various points. Certainly no opportunity to relax and enjoy the view... that would certainly lead to grevious injury.

1 comment:

  1. Darling...it looks beautiful. I am so proud of you getting down to your training. You are going to really enjoy teh Namib challenge I know it :) I love you...try to take it a little easy on those poor legs though ;) <3