19 February 2010

Placating the Gastric Grumble

Napoleon Bonaparte (or maybe Frederick the Great) is supposed to have said:

"An army marches on its stomach"

and I have the apetite of a one man army. So I was a little concerned when I learned that I would only be able to take about 4 kg of food for FIVE WHOLE DAYS, in which I would be doing some pretty strenuous exercise. But with a bit of thought, some consultation and a good portion of guesswork (I am an experimentalist at heart), I have come up with a menu which will hopefully satisfy the hungry beast within.

Day 1:
  • 49 g sachet Hammer Recoverite
  • 100 g hydration powder
  • 2 bank bags of home made trail mix
  • 100 g soya mince
  • 100 g mixture of oats and Amandla Plus mealie meal, sugar and cinnamon
  • two 85 g sachets of John West tuna
  • a few Sparkles
  • 2 dried pear halves
  • 14 g sachet Rehidrat
  • 1 small ziplock bag of Nescafe granules
  • 3 tiny salt sachets
  • 1 vacuum-packed date square (for my pudding!)
Day 2: same as Day 1.

Day 3: same as Day 1.

Day 4: same as Day 1.

Day 5: same as Day 1, except no Recoverite, soya mince, tuna, Rehidrat or date square, and only one bag of trail mix.

Emergency rations:
  • one date square
  • one tuna sachet
  • one vanilla bean Gu energy gel
  • two nut Jungle energy bars
  • 3 sachets salt
  • Rehidrat sachet
The trail mix was concocted by hand and consisted of
  • peanuts and raisins
  • goji berries
  • pumpkin seeds
  • sunflower seeds
  • dried banana
  • almonds
most of which were obtained at a spice merchant in Durban.

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  1. Excellent job with the packing my pudding :) I am so glad that you packed your folks email as it really is wonderful and will motivate you like nothing else :) You are running at the moment and you are all I can think about out...running out there in the desert. I love you and I am so proud of you. Go darling go! xx <3