09 February 2010

Noordhoek Beach Run

Relieved to find that my knee was pretty much okay when I woke up this morning. In fact it seems to be on the mend. Don't want to talk too soon though.

After my lecture I shot into town (well, as much as one can "shoot" in Cape Town traffic) to buy a Leatherman C33X from Mammoth Outdoor. I already have a Leatherman multitool, but it weighs a tonne. Far to heavy to lug through the desert. This is light and compact and does the job.

Drove across to Noorhoek beach for my run this evening. Did 8 km, alternating between the firm sand and the loose stuff and finally a bit up in the dunes. Was a gorgeous evening to be out. Fantastic sunset. Backpack is now up at around 5 kg and it is feeling fine. I am almost unaware of it. Shoulder strap on right hand side is still misbehaving, but I will get the lengths right. One of the tins in the bottom managed to shift its way around yesterday and started rubbing. I now have a gaping wound on the top of my coccyx. Not sure which tin it was, but I am blaming the marmalade.

Oh, and Claire's custom gaiters worked perfectly. Just a little bit of sand in my shoes and I think that this was very fine particles which actually got in through the material uppers. Thanks, Stinkerbelle, they do the job and they look shit-hot too.

Got some nice silhouettes of the wreck of the Kakapo down the far end of the beach.

And, finally, some interesting patterns in the sand. See how they are not just long ridges, but join and rejoin with each other. And the wind did that... all by itself. Nature is amazing.

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