18 February 2010

Last Training Run

Last training run before the NDC. Decided to try one of the dirt roads which leads down from the tar road running past the bottom cable car station. Looking at these roads from the tar they look pretty even, but when you get down there you discover that there is a lot of up and down. It was a lovely evening though, so I was quite happy to do a bit of slogging. When I turned around to head back it was already getting quite dim and about half way back is was properly dark. A little spooky running along those isolated roads in the dark. Especially because when i was running through a small copse of trees I heard a bottle tumble down the bank just behind me, suggesting that there was somebody else around.

So, all the training is done now.I have my last lecture tomorrow morning. Then the afternoon sorting out my luggage and stuff for the race. Hopefully getting a bit more work done and then hooking up with Troy and Fiona for a bit of dinner.

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