11 February 2010

Barefoot on Noordhoek

Met up with Troy for another run along Noordhoek beach this evening. Not quite as idyllic as the last time: there was quite a stiff breeze from the South and the sea was huge, having dumped loads of kelp onto the beach. Since the marsh at the back of the beach was full we elected to go barefoot. The run was great and we made good time, just maintaining a conversational pace. Nice to take a brisk splash through the water every now and then too. Barefoot is apparently the way.

But... on the way across to Noordhoek my stomach started making the most ominous rumbling noises. It was so bad coming over Ou Kaapse Weg that I was seriously looking for places to pull over and find a bush. I opted for the relative comfort of a communal toilet in the Sun Valley shopping centre and got there just in time. I don't know where that came from but it hung around for at least 24 hours and made me feel pretty ropey.

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