26 January 2010

Slowly accumulating the information I need to to this thing. Here are some of the things that are pretty important but are not listed on the web site:

  1. there are ablution facilities (of sorts) at each of the overnight stops: showers and toilets for the first two days and then chemical toilets and dams or resevoirs for the last few days... no need for the dreaded kak-sakkies;
  2. bus trip from Windhoek to start takes about 5 hours;
  3. you need to carry all your spare running kit and stuff for the evenings along with you (the organisers transport your sleeping bag between camps) although you can leave the rest of your luggage (with clothes for the final dinner) at the start;
  4. matresses are provided in the tents;
  5. there is mobile phone coverage over most of the route (you just need to get roaming enabled);
  6. cool blog of last year's race.

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