29 January 2010

Medical Exam

Yesterday went for my medical exam. ECG looks normal. Dr Addleson was a little puzzled by the fact that they are asking for a rest ECG. A stress ECG would probably have made more sense. Anyway, mine looks normal. It's all squiggles to me. Blood pressure as it should be (110/80) and pulse rate 64 bpm, which is a little high for me, but I am going to just put that down to excitement.

This morning did the Regents run. Now have an extra 1 kg in the backpack in the form of a couple of tins (sweetcorn and marmalade, I think). Went well, feeling a little more comfortable and slowly getting the configuration of the straps just right. Not swinging around too wildly now. Runners are so witty... you can just imagine the droll remarks I am getting from the folk who I pass. Somehow it is only them. The ones that cruise past me have nothing to say. Must be an ego thing.

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