29 January 2010

Medical Exam

Yesterday went for my medical exam. ECG looks normal. Dr Addleson was a little puzzled by the fact that they are asking for a rest ECG. A stress ECG would probably have made more sense. Anyway, mine looks normal. It's all squiggles to me. Blood pressure as it should be (110/80) and pulse rate 64 bpm, which is a little high for me, but I am going to just put that down to excitement.

This morning did the Regents run. Now have an extra 1 kg in the backpack in the form of a couple of tins (sweetcorn and marmalade, I think). Went well, feeling a little more comfortable and slowly getting the configuration of the straps just right. Not swinging around too wildly now. Runners are so witty... you can just imagine the droll remarks I am getting from the folk who I pass. Somehow it is only them. The ones that cruise past me have nothing to say. Must be an ego thing.

27 January 2010

Gorgeous morning for running. A lot of rain during the night, so it was relatively fresh. Did the normal wednesday morning run from the gym out to Umhlanga (but without the spinning first). The sea was fantastic: obviously the wind and rain did their thing there. Pack felt just a little more comfortable this morning.

These cool maps can be created at http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/.

26 January 2010

Flights are booked. Looks like I really am going.

Cape Town International, Cape Town
Hosea Kutako International Arpt, Windhoek
V - Economy
20 Feb - 0800(Sat)
Hosea Kutako International Arpt, Windhoek
Cape Town International, Cape Town
V - Economy
26 Feb - 1850(Fri)

Slowly accumulating the information I need to to this thing. Here are some of the things that are pretty important but are not listed on the web site:

  1. there are ablution facilities (of sorts) at each of the overnight stops: showers and toilets for the first two days and then chemical toilets and dams or resevoirs for the last few days... no need for the dreaded kak-sakkies;
  2. bus trip from Windhoek to start takes about 5 hours;
  3. you need to carry all your spare running kit and stuff for the evenings along with you (the organisers transport your sleeping bag between camps) although you can leave the rest of your luggage (with clothes for the final dinner) at the start;
  4. matresses are provided in the tents;
  5. there is mobile phone coverage over most of the route (you just need to get roaming enabled);
  6. cool blog of last year's race.
Started sorting out my flights and things. Not to much to choose from if you are wanting to get from Cape Town to Windhoek in time to catch the bus to the start.
Regular Regents run. Appalling weather though: stinking hot with 100% humidity. Was sweating before I even got up. First morning with pack on my back. Dumped in 3 litres of water. Nowhere near the nominal 9 kg, but it's a start.

22 January 2010

Received email from Gary Burrows: "Just to inform you that you have been drawn as the WINNER of the lucky entry draw for the N.D.C 2010." Wow... shit!

14 January 2010

Saw posting on www.ar.co.za RSS feed from Lisa de Speville, saying that she was going to offer her entry in the 2010 Namid Desert Challenge by lottery. Sent in my name, thinking it was not going to happen.